Murder One


Come in twelve…. Are you there?


This is twelve….


There has been several calls coming in , reports of haunting screams coming from the corner of Jingle , and Bell. You’re the closes unit, and I need you to check it out Twelve.


I got ya! But, you’re going to owe me big on this Dispatch. I got twenty-one days until I hang up one of my days of Christmas. I thought I made it clear to the Captain CandyCane, that I wanted a smooth retirement with no problems?


Well you no Captain CandyCane Twelve? this is easy as it come, especially in the city of Melted Snowman but, I tell you what. If you take this call, I will finally go on that date with you. Since you have been trying so hard, and for the last thirteen years.


Ouch…! You shore do know how to twist my arm Dispatch. You had me at date. I will check it out, and toot my horn at you in about forty-five minutes…. Dispatch. And…, Dispatch tell Captain CandyCane, that he can get a sickle!


You can tell him that yourself Twelve, talk to you in forty five minutes. Dispatch of Com….


Twelve out! Definitely will not miss having Captain CandyCane up my rear end, and deep while barking orders…

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Emergency Calls


This is Dispatch…. How can I help?


Hi! my name is Cookie, and I just seen a Cone attack viciously by some hugh Frosty Flavor Cone. Help Please…. It looked like that Frosty Flavor Cone took that poor Waffle Single Scoop Strawberry in the alleyway by my home. Help! That Cone is being attack in the alleyway of Jingle, and Bell. Please send Help!

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Evening News and Leftovers….

This morning there were talks of peace between The Turkeys, and The Bossy Snowman Jack. They said there has been to much gravy spilled between the two families. I guess the real question is….

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Bossy The Snowman

This morning we got a call to investigate a possible murders , that was seen in an old abandon Turkey Ben. Where we found several frozen plucked Turkeys, and one letter that read….

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Snowman Murder This Morning…!

A little after seven this morning, a snowman was found lock in a Sauna box, and a letter was left behind in a warm puddle of water….

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