Unexpected Hero


One day a vicious Nostril Burning Red Radish landing in a freshly spring field, a parking lot feast for the Red Radish. With the field full of people, it was time for the Red Radish to strike through pain. Nostril Burning Red Radish was in heaven, and he knew he would burn all this people mind into a painful liquid goo out of their brains. But….

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One day there was an upset Mr. Grape who was envious of the Mrs. Grape Juices in the bottles that was stored next to him. He began to question why they got to be protected in class, and he had to be left out to the mercy of the bothersome gnats. The next day he got word….

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There was a secret land of Cabbages, where they all look the same but, one Cabbage grew tired of being like the rest. So, he protested to the Cabbage elders, the eldersĀ  got together as they heard his plea to be different. So….

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