1.6 Excerpt


When something terrible happens to a person, their soul is cracked. And when the souls become cracked, that individual is forever stuck in a looping dream world—a world of dreams where they deal with unwanted dreams, dreams between worlds. In such dreams, you dream of mirrors. Each mirror becomes a mirror of other dreams—dreams of other dreams; dreams that fold, bending time and reality; dreams that frighten you, leaving you so scared that you wonder. Was it real? Did it happen? Because it felt like it did, again, again, and again. Was it actually real? The sad thing is, when you finally awaken to reality, it will be too late!

Whisper, Whisper….

Fragmented Reality Your mind, weary of lost memories, slowly begins to return to what is left of an already shattered mind of confusion. But, at this point, your mind has you asking if you are sure that this is your realty? Broken minds bend and break, along with shattered mirrors of another time, in another dream—a dream in a twisted mind of a lost soul. Yet, are there one, two, or just you in a lost dream of sadness, an endless dream of a mirror of you just sleeping there stuck and silent. You can’t move. The dream has you now, or does it?

Transcendent Windows Before your journey begins take a quick look out you window, look at nature and go get you a beverage of your choice. Now pick up your book, get comfortable, get prepare to be mesmerized and be transcended to a world of dreams…

The window folds down, the window folds up. The window folds left, the window folds right. The window spins clockwise and begins to emulate light, folds right, folds left of what remains of the window and right again. Now, pull the knob, so your dream can begin.