1.4 Book

Pharafaneelya is about an asylum that consume people souls, by using the most prize possession against them and by doing this, they commit some of the most horrific crimes. Crimes that leads to their soul getting trapped in limbo of an asylum lost in the void, a special asylum that capture the unlucky souls of the forgotten.

Pharafaneelya takes you into a place of several mirrors in several chapters, some shattered, cold and pitch black. Mirrors and doors that only except fresh dead victims. The Young victim in Pharafaneelya is a young unlucky teenager girl. A girl whose life have been bent and broken by false mirrors, guidance and lost love. With her virtue forgotten, taken and soul destroyed, she becomes a resident of Pharafaneelya, to be consumed, integrated, due to her heinous crimes committed towards her own family. Doom to be turn in to a Watchmen and to forever serve the asylum Pharafaneelya. Caught forever in looping fragmented dream world of dreams, dreams forever monitored by prying eyes.

Pharafaneelya is a book that when you think you know what coming next, you get thrown a sharp curve, so prepare yourself for a roller coaster of a ride.